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Deletion Date
Remaining Time
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1、The back order can not been canceled or refunded.

2、AS to the type marked with "DEL" provided by 17domain, if back ordered by only single user, the domain name will been delivered directly to the winner with no auction.

3、The deadline for backorder domain name is different on base of types.Please refer to the indication of related page. As the.CN domain name high-speed channel contains more registrars, we recommended you to place the order before 22:30 as far as possible, otherwise we may not guarantee it is successful in all registrars.

4、The back order of domain name does not mean that you have acquired it, if more users place the same domain,it will iniciate an acution for making sure the final winner.Please pay more attention to the updated notification in case of missing the chance.

5、It may contain some extra fee, such as renewal fee or transfer fee after you win some type of domain name.Please refer to the instructions on auction page.

6、The domain name can not point to the website containing phishing, fraud, pornography and other illegal informaion. If it is detected,we will take the severe action including with not limited,clientholding the domain name,blocking the DNS connection,NO refunding,and will report the illegal action to the Police or MIIT immediately with all the consequences attributing to you.Thank you for your cooperation.