Domains Backorder and Auction Services

Welcome to 17Domain.com domains backorder and auction services.

Please read this terms of service agreenment carefully before the signature as it contains important information regarding your legal right and obligation.You must fully understand all the provisions of the terms.If you have any questions about the terms of this agreement,then please feel free to contact us and we will explain it more details.If you do not agree all the following provisions,nor our explainaion,please do not move to the next step.Otherwise,we will regard your action as acception. At that time,you should not claim that this agreement is invalid or request to rescind this Agreement on the grounds of having not reading it or not getting an answer from us.

1,Instructions of items and terms

1-1 ¡°Backorder and Auction¡± is placing order of the domain name to be deleted in advanced, according to the rules of the domain registry,when the domain name expired and not renewed, the registry will delete the domain name after a period of time,and the domain would be re-registered which is the exactly services we provided.While the domain name is deleted by the registry,we will automatically submit the registration request to the registry.Due to the rules of first-come first-served,the success rate of registration submitted by the system is much higher than manual.After backoder,it comes the auction and the highest bidder will be awarded the domain.

1-2 "17Domain.com" is a platform that provides users with the system,technology and related support to register the domain and conduct the auction.

1-3 "User" refers to 17Domain.com members who trade domain names through system provided by 17Domain.com,including individual users(natural persons,sole proprietorships,individual partnerships and individual entrepreneurs,etc.)and enterprise users(national agencies, corporate partnerships,institutions,social groups and other organizations,etc.)

1-4 "Proxy bid" means that you can set the bid according to your expected price,and when your bid is higher than the current minimum price(minimum bid = current price + bid range), the system will automatically bid according to the minimum price and set the your bid as the proxy price,and the system will bid the minimum price amount according to proxy price to maintain the your position as the higher bidder until the your bid is beyond by other users (beyond means that the proxy price is invalid).

2,Service and Transaction Process

2-1 17Domain.com provides you with online backorder domain name and auction system and related technical support and services.You can place order,bid and complete a series of transactions through our system.We have right to decide the scope of services and add, delete,update, adjust, or cancel the service according to the company's business development.

2-2 Backorder Domain

2-2-1 You can backorder the domain names through our system and finish the order by making payment.

2-2-2 While the domain name is deleted by the registry,17Domain.com will automatically submit a registration request to the registry to complete the registration.You understand and agree that the backorder does not mean a successful registration,and if fails,the fund will be returned to your account.

2-3 Bidding

2-3-1 For domain names registered through our own registrar,if only you place the order, it will not enter bidding and directly delivered to you.

2-3-2 For domain names registered through our partner registrar, it will enter the bidding and you can bid during the this period and the higher bidder will win the domain name.

2-4 End bidding and Payment

2-4-1 You should understand even you was the high bidder,you may get refund if the domain name is restored by the previous owner or deleted by the registry.

2-4-2 Our partial partner will charge a renewal or transfer fee of domain which showed in the bidding page,and the final price should be the higher bid + renewal or transfer price. You should understand and agree that this price is setted by our partner, and it is normal that the renewal or transfer price is different from ours.

2-4-3 You must make the payment within 72 hours after the end of the auction.If you did not pay initiatively,but the balance is sufficient,the system will automatically directly deduct it and delivery the domain.For reasons of special and fair nature,you can not default.If you make overdue payment,it will be treated as default.

2-5 Domain Delivery

2-5-1 After the auction,it will enter the domain delivery process.The delivery time is different due to the different types or partners.Normally,it will take 1-2 working days, and the type of "ALI_PRE" will take you 22-24 nature days.

2-5-2 You should understand,for expediting the delivery,we may use the temporary template provided by the platform to complete the delivery instead,and you can modify domain contact template by yourself later to ensure the accuracy of the domain information.

2-5-3 You should understand that the domain used temporary template can't be PUSH,transfer out,point,and update DNS.

3,Your Rights and Obligations

3-1 You should understand and pledge£º

3-1-1 When using our the backorder and auction services,you have carefully read and fully understood the Terms of Service and the rules provided on the relevant pages.You should comply with all provisions and rules,and you can not breach on the excuse of not carefully reading or deviations in understanding the rules.

3-1-2 You are responsible for the authenticity and accuracy of the information provided and you also solely responsible for any errors caused by your intention or negligence.

3-1-3 The descriptions of the domain displayed in auction page are for reference purposes only and can not be regarded as the basis for evaluation.

3-1-4 Under no circumstances you should trust loans,requests for passwords or other information involving property.For operation involving property,please verify the identity firstly,and always pay attention to our tips on preventing fraudulent crimes.

3-1-5 You should understand that we have the right to terminate the service if there is fraud,infringement of the legal rights of others or other violations of the Terms and Conditions and Laws and Regulations in the auction.Then we will take the action including but not limited to cancelling the auction,locking the domain,setting the status of client transfer,update prohibited,and determining domain invalid etc.

3-1-6 You should provide 17Domain.com with the valid and accurate contact(including but not limited to Email address,phisical address or other valid information).If any inaccurate contact confirmed,you are solely responsible.Additionally you agrees that if a dispute or controversy found in the course of auction,we have right to provide your information to the counterparty for the purpose of resolving it.

3-1-7 You can not conduct any illegal activities,including but not limited to credit card cashing,money laundering and other activitiesuse rely on domain transaction.

3-1-8 You should understand if we or third parties,including but not limited to government departments,authorities,courts,registrar,or registy etc.,determines that certain domain are in violation or illegal to use,then we will take the action including but not limited to cancelling the auction,locking the domain,setting the status of client transfer,update prohibited,and determining domain invalid etc.

3-1-9 You should understand,through judgment we have the right to temporarily suspend the trading function,set blacklist,permanently block the domain name and restrict the account if you maliciously disrupt the trading market.

4,17Domain's Rights and Obligations

4-1 17Domain Commitment

4-1-1 17Domain.com will take the necessary technical support and management measures to ensure the normal operation of the domain registration system,provide the necessary and reliable transaction environment and services,and maintain the transaction order.

4-1-2 17Domain.com will take security and confidentiality measures to protect all data involving commercial secrets of operators or personal information of consumers.Not to disclose,transfer,use or sell data involving operator trade secrets or consumer personal information to any third party except with the consent of the parties,but otherwise provided by laws,administrative regulations and these Terms of Service.

4-2 You should understand£º

4-2-1 We have the right to terminate a transaction between two parties or invalidate the transaction if we discover that the transaction is unusual,and we also the right to confirm whether the transaction is unusual and take appropriate action based on our judgment.

4-2-2 We have the right to deal with violations arising from the domain backorder and trading process as if you breach the contract.

4-3 We have the right to notify you the matters related to domain backorder in advance within a reasonable period by ways of a notice on the relevant web page,which will be deemed that you have been notified.

4-4 As the domain in 17Domain.com has been expired in the grace period (within 30 days of expiration),if you do not renew timely,we reserves the right to dispose of the domain (including but not limited to pre-releasing auction etc.)without additional notice to you and without any liability such action. If you have any dissent,please contact us promptly.

5,Fees Services

5-1 You agree that 17Domain.com will publicize the relevant fees and payment information on the relevant pages of our site (www.17Domain.com),and have the right to adjust the above standards and requirements according to business needs and market changes etc.,or to set different service fees standard and promotional policies,etc.according to factors such as the prevailing market conditions and our business policies.

5-2 If you disagrees with 17Domain.com fees standard and the content of the notice you should inform us by writing and stop using our service provided.Otherwise,you will be deemed to approve the fees content of the notice and both parties shall settle and pay in accordance with the fees content of the notice.

5-3 You agree that any disputes arising from fee rate adjustments,except as expressly provided by law we have the right to be free from arbitration.

6,Force majeure and Liability

6-1 You should understand that in the course of using the Service,it may be interrupted by force majeure,unexpected events and other risk factors.

6-1-1 "Force majeure" means an objective event that cannot be foreseen,overcome and avoided and that affects you or both parties,including but not limited to natural disasters such as floods,earthquakes,plague epidemics and storms,as well as social events such as war,unrest, governmental actions,etc.In the event of the above,17Domain.com will endeavor to cooperate with the relevant department in the first instance to repair it timely,but it is exempt from liability on any losses by law.

6-1-2 In case of network interrupted,attack and other unexpected events,we reserves the right to make adjustments to the service content and methods,and we also will not be responsible for the losses caused.

6-2 By law,17Domain.com shall not be liable for any interruption or disruption of service resulting from the following:

6-2-1 Damaged by computer viruses,Trojan,or other malicious programs,hacker attacks.

6-2-2 Breakdown of your or 17Domain.com's computer software,systems,hardware and communication lines.

6-2-3 Your misoperation.

6-2-4 You use the service in a manner not authorized by us.

6-2-5 Other circumstances we can not control or foresee.

6-3 You should understand that in the process of using the service,you may encounter risks arising from network information or other user actions.17Domain.com is not responsible for the authenticity,suitability,or legality of any information,nor is it responsible for damages caused to users because of infringement or the existence of a dispute over the domain itself.These risks include, but are not limited to£º

6-3-1 Threatening,defamatory,or unlawful information from others that are anonymous or impostor.

6-3-2 Suffer any psychological or physical injury or financial loss caused or likely to be caused by other persons's misleading,deception when you use the services under this agreement.

6-3-3 Domain involved in ownership disputes,transfer disputes.

6-3-4 Other risks arising from network or user behavior.

6-4 You understand and agree with 17Domain.com that in the process of using its services,if you lost winner of the domain auction attributing to 17Domain.com,17Domain.com will compensate you 100 RMB.

7,Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution

7-1 The conclusion,implementation and interpretation of these Terms of Service and the settlement of disputes apply to the laws of the People's Republic of China.

7-2 All disputes related to these Terms of Service shall be resolved through friendly consultation between the parties.

7-3 If it fails in negotiations the parties agree to file a lawsuit in 17Domain.com's principal place of business.


8-1 The validity,interpretation,performance and dispute resolution of these Terms of Service shall be governed by the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, ICANN UDRP and the norms of the computer industry.

8-2 In the event of any inconsistency or conflict between the relevant terms or agreements and previously signed by the parties or the relevant statements of 17Domain.com,these terms of service shall prevail.

8-3 This Agreement includes the above terms and conditions and any rules that 17Domain.com has issued or may issue in the future.All rules are an integral part of this Agreement and have the same legal effect.In using the service,you has read,understood and accepted all the terms and conditions of this agreement and all kinds of rules,and undertakes to comply with all kinds of legal provisions of China,and in case of violation and resulting in any legal liability,you will independently bear the corresponding legal responsibility.