Privacy Policy

17domain.com£¨As "we" following£©We take the protection of your personal information and privacy seriously,so we have stipulate a privacy policy that covers how we collect,store, use,share and protect your information¡£As this Privacy Policy,we will introduce clearely to you the way of how we handle your personal information.This Privacy Policy is relevant to you when use of our products and services.Please read and thoroughly understand it before your use,and make the appropriate choice.If you disagree with any of the contents of this Privacy Policy,please immediately stop using our products and services.Your using any of our products and services,means you agree to and fully understand this Privacy Policy.

1¡¢Scope of Application

1.1 All of the products and services in 17domain.com£¨including Product services of no separate privacy policies£©are suitable for this Policy.However,certain specific products and services will also be subject to specific privacy policies,which we will explain before your using our products and service.

1.2 The above mentioned product services privacy policies form part of this Privacy Policy, and in the event of any inconsistency,the product services privacy policies shall prevail.

1.3 Otherwise expressly referred to in this Privacy Policy,this Privacy Policy does not apply to products and services provided by third parties in our site.Such as,in your search results,it show you other websites linked to our services.If you use the products and services of a third party and that third party's privacy statement or similar policy shall apply to your information,and we shall not be liable for disclosure of information.

2¡¢Informations Collection

In order to provide you with better products and services,you agree to our collection of the following information.

2.1 Providing Information

You need to provide us with at least a username,phone number and create a password when you sign up account.

When you use some special product services(such as domain registration,trade,management,funds withdrawal)you need to provide us with your real name, ID number,address,phone number,email address,bank card and others in order to meet the purpose of providing products and services to you.You are not required to provide if you do not.

We may also record information that you provide,or retain when using our product services¡£

2.2 Information collected in the course of your use of the product or service

We may collect information about your use of the products and services (including the way )as the following£º

2.3 Equipment Information

In order to provide better products or services and improve the user experience, we collect information about device attributes(For example,your hardware model,operating system version,device configuration,unique device identifier,International Mobile Equipment Identity Code IMEI,network device hardware address MAC,advertising identifier IDFA,etc.), device location information(such as obtained through GPS,Bluetooth or WIFI signals),device connection information(Type of browser,telecom operator,language)and device status information(For example,device sensor data,device application installation list).For information collected from your various devices,we may correlate them so that we can provide you with consistent services.Also,we may associate your device information or phone number with your account.

2.4 Log Information

When you use our products or services,the servers automatically record information such as IP address,URL accessed,type of browser and language,downloading,installing or using mobile applications and software,communication with software,and the date,time,phase of accessing the services

2.5 Cookie Technology

The Cookies Technology stores the user's password and ID,also the start page preferences.On sites offering personalized viewing,your web browser will be required to use a small amount of space on your computer's hard drive to store these preferences.So,whenever log in,your browser will check if you have any predefined preferences for that unique server(cookie).If stored,the browser sends cookie to the server along with your request.

2.6 The above data is anonymized and we also encrypt to ensure the security.

2.7 Information from Third Party

For the purpose of togetherly providing products and services to you or improving the quality and personalization or for reasons of safety that are reasonably necessary,We will obtain your personal information from affiliated companies,affiliates,partners and other trusted third party suppliers,service providers and agents as required by law and regulation or based on your authorization.

3¡¢How to use the information collected

3.1 We use the information collected to provide you with services and to improve the quality of services,So they are used for the following purposes£º

3.1.1 To provide you with services,maintainence and improvement of services.

3.1.2 To recommend content that you are interested,including but not limited to,sending you information about products and services,or displaying personalized third-party promotions to you,or sharing information with our partners to send you information about their products and services,with your consent.

3.1.3 To prevent,detect,investigate fraud,infringement,endanger of security,illegality or breach of agreements,policies or rules with us or with our partners in order to protect our and your legitimate interests or other user's and our partners's.

3.1.4 To combine personal information from one service with information from other services for the purpose of providing you with a more personalized service.

3.1.5 To contact you for issues¡£

3.1.6 Other purpose with your consent.

4¡¢How to share information

4.1 17Domain.com has duty of confidentiality to you and never sell or rent your information to third parties for any purposes¡£We will not share your personal information with any third party except in the following circumstances£º

4.1.1 Obstain your consent or authorization advanced.

4.1.2 According to the provisions of laws and regulations or the requirements of administrative or judicial bodies.

4.1.3 Share your information with our partner.

4.1.4 To provide your information to trusted partners and authrize them to process it for us in accordance with our instructions and Privacy Policy or any other appropriate confidentiality and security measures.

4.1.5 If you are an eligible IPR complainant and have filed a complaint,we will disclose your information to the Respondent at the Respondent's request for resolving the disputes.

4.1.6 Only share your information we can provide the services you need for handling disputes or disagreements between you and others.

4.1.7 We are in the process of or intend to make a property change such as a merger, acquisition,reorganization,sale of all or part of our shares or assets.

4.1.8 To protect the legal rights of us and our affiliates or users.

However,we may share anonymous or aggregated information with third parties if wen can not directly identify you or your end users.

5¡¢Information Safty

5.1 To safeguard your information,we will endeavor to take reasonable physical,electronic and managerial security measures to protect your information in accordance with prevailing industry standards and do our best efforts to protect your information from disclosure,destruction or loss,including but not limited to SSL,encrypted storage of information,and data center access control.Access to your personal information is limited to those who need to process the information in order to perform their job or perform technical maintenance work in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

5.2 The information we collect is stored in a secure operating environment that is not available to the public.To prevent unauthorized access,we store the information on firewalled and encrypted servers.However,there is not absolutely secure system,and please understand that there are no "perfect security measures" on network.Even with our best efforts,we may not be able to prevent unauthorized access to your personal information.In addition,we may be deceived by unreliable,misleading or unlawful information because we cannot judge the truthfulness.

5.3 If you or your end users do not accept this Privacy Policy and provide the information we request,then you will not be able to use our services or functions we offered.However,You should understand that after your providing information you and your end users fully have realized the risk of theft,illegal possession or misuse,and the damagement to your and your end users's personal safety, property and reputation.

6¡¢Protection of Minors

6.1 17domain.com takes the protection of information of minors seriously.If you are a minor under the age of 18,we recommend that you ask your guardian to read this Privacy Policy carefully and to use our products or services or provide us with information with the consent of your guardian.

7¡¢Revision of the Privacy Policy

7.1 We may revise this Privacy Policy sometimes,and such revisions form part of this Privacy Policy.We will public any changes made to this Privacy Policy on this page or by other ways we deem appropriate,including sending you an email or otherwise notifying you. To contiue to use our products or services,you agree to be bound by this Privacy Policy.